Landmark Study Demonstrates Clinical Validation of Aiberry Powered Mental Health Assessments. Read the release HERE.

Real-time mental health insights and monitoring

AI-Powered Quantified Assessments and Analytics Platform

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Smart. Mind. Care.

Aiberry® (pronounced “I” + “berry”) is an innovative and practical mental health assessment platform that uses cutting-edge AI technology to analyze user text, audio, and video cues during a short conversation to deliver a quantified risk score and other health insights in real time.
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Aiberry’s artificial intelligence is embedded into a secure experience that is used to assess mental health disorders with confidence and accuracy.


Committed to solving the biggest challenges in mental health.


Manual mental health
assessments lack quantifiability


Inconsistencies reduce reliability
of self-reported data


Observer-rated assessments can
be influenced by biases


Subpar assessment tools lead to
unreliable outcomes


Mental health conditions present
on a continuum, not a yes or no


Shortage of mental health
professionals and assessments

WHO we help

Learn why people are
asking for Aiberry®.

Employers and Corporate Wellness Platforms​

Human Resource teams can now offer groundbreaking mental health resources to their employees to empower them while measuring utilization and tracking the overall mental health of the organization.

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Recovery Centers and Behavioral Health Institutions

Healthcare providers can conduct quick and objective mental health screenings in-clinic, via telehealth, or self-screening, delivering real-time assessments of a patient’s mental state, a quantified risk score, and health insights to enhance diagnosis and treatment.

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Users are talking

“After this experience, I realized I may be a little more depressed than I thought and I'm paying more attention to my mental health and I've taken some actions to try to help myself.”

“I would love to do it again because you don’t have people every day asking you how you feel emotionally/mentally.”

“I love the Aiberry app because it really cared about how I was feeling and what my current mood was.”

“I felt very good about talking about my problems with a non-judgemental AI interface.”

“It was eye opening. I never thought of how I felt but started to after answering these specific questions.”

User safety, security and privacy​

Privacy and protection is our obligation, and we are steadfast in ensuring that our solution meets the highest standards at every turn. Aiberry® incorporates state of the art security and encryption measures to ensure complete privacy and data security.

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Landmark Study Demonstrates Clinical Validation of Aiberry AI-Powered Mental Health Assessments

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