Landmark Study Demonstrates Clinical Validation of Aiberry Powered Mental Health Assessments. Read the release HERE.

Turn your phone
into a mental health tool

Aiberry® gives users the ability to check in on their mental health with nothing more than an internet connection and a device with a camera.

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Discover how Aiberry is making mental health
assessments accessible and take one yourself.

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Assessing and monitoring mental health has never been easier


Assessments made easy &
comfortable with AI


Real-time mental health
scoring and results


Symptoms analysis of mood,
concentration & energy, etc.


Central hub with all results &
scores in one place


Access to all conversation


Effortlessly monitor progress &

For mental health

Healthcare providers can conduct quick and objective mental health screenings in-clinic, via telehealth, or self-screening, delivering real-time assessments of a patient’s mental state, a quantified risk score, and health insights to enhance diagnosis and treatment.

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For corporate wellness & HR professionals

Human Resource teams can now offer groundbreaking mental health resources to their employees to empower them while measuring utilization and tracking the overall mental health of the organization.

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How Aiberry® Works


Self-screenings, in-person, and telehealth solutions are all available in one platform, delivering reliable results in just a few minutes.

AI analysis

Aiberry's advanced AI technology leverages text, audio, and video inputs to evaluate mental health conditions and associated symptoms. Our clinically validated AI platform is trained using data from a wide-ranging demographic.

Trends and progress

View your results in real-time, look at trends, and, for mental health professionals, get alerts to major changes in your members’ mental health condition.

Explore mental health
assessments with Aiberry®.

Built for reliable and objective mental health assessments, we are changing
the way employers and mental health professionals invest in people.

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Landmark Study Demonstrates Clinical Validation of Aiberry AI-Powered Mental Health Assessments

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